Hello guys in my blog ... im rahaf you can call me roro .. Gareki Zoro Ichigo Killua Kagami tiga Eren Sasuke Gray and Makoto are my faves im Orihime she is sweet lovely girl just like me but some time im Mikasa badass strongly sexy girl my otp is aokaga the best otp ever
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15 Days of Requests!

Day 14: Kuriyama Mirai: She is strong beyond her weakness, she hides a lot of strength inside of her heart, though she may seem clumsy or weak at times, she is still fighting and not afraid to sacrifice herself for someone she treasures. I could write more and more but I will be out of characters ^^ - planetes-x

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Nase Hiromi || Episode 0

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Eren Jäger & the Colossal Titan
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dai-chan, dai-chan ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

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