Hello guys in my blog ... im rahaf you can call me roro .. Gareki Zoro Ichigo Killua Kagami tiga Eren Sasuke Gray and Makoto are my faves im Orihime she is sweet lovely girl just like me but some time im Mikasa badass strongly sexy girl my otp is aokaga the best otp ever

ah yes the classic tale of “firefighter meets merboy”
Anonymous asked: Imagine Gareki having a super high fever and Yogi just cuddling him, trying his best to make him feel better and secretly Gareki appreciates it a lot, because he feels like shit and Yogi's soft shirt against his hot cheek and comforting, gentle hands rubbing his back makes him feel so much better.

awwwwww is this fanfiction ;-; i love this so muchu … sigh  … there not enough fanfiction for yoreki and that really sad even fanart … my poor otp ;-; …. thanx anone :)